Our Story

Our private wooded property in Wisconsin is justa two-and-a-half hour drive northeast from Minneapolis and 400 miles northwest of Chicago. We’ve created a landscape for ideas, adventure, and escape. When you’re here listening to the sounds of a slowly passing afternoon, the charming call of loons on the water, and the untangling of your own thoughts, you’ll feel a renewed sense of focus, the beginning of something new.

Across our 100 acres of generous north-woods, we offer activities built around relaxation and human power: kayaking and paddle boarding, miles and miles of biking courses, hiking and running trails, lake fishing and fly fishing, a soothing sauna, music in the amphitheater — whatever you need to unwind and reset.

Inside our rustic modern lodge we will feed your mind and nourish your cultural tastes, bringing you private sessions with inspired speakers and master guides selected based on your personal and professional curiosities and complementary areas of thought. From artists and musicians to mixologists and chefs to urban planners and community builders, we create space for intellectual exchange and future building.